ASN.1 Teletexer

A TeletexString to Unicode converter

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ASN.1 Teletexer is an efficient, small, portable implementation of a TeletexString to Unicode converter in ISO C. The implementation is appropriate for incorporation into software projects that have any exposure to the TeletexString (T61String) ASN.1 type defined in X.680 (2008) and its predecessor, X.208 (1988).

Technically, ASN.1 Teletexer is a complete ISO 2022 state machine with support for the ISO IR character sets that are listed in X.680 (2008), and is set to the initial state specified in X.690:2008. It uses only stack-based allocations so it is acceptable for use in a variety of systems, including embedded systems. In the interest of simplicity, the project is only 2 files (a .h and a .c).

Unit tests and utilities are included in the download package to confirm the proper operation of the main ASN.1 Teletexer implementation. These tests are called “unittests”, “dbcsgen”, and “teletexio”.

ASN.1 Teletexer is open-source licensed under the BSD 2-Clause License. More information about ASN.1 Teletexer is available in the download package.

Information and Download

Version 0.7, last updated July 27, 2011.
SHA-256 hash:

858E8A43 46F4B80C 7753833A 22F244A6
F78635B3 57B46B21 965644B0 CD828229

If you find any bugs or need additional features, contact the author directly.

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