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I wrote ASN.1 Teletexer, a TeletexString to Unicode converter. ASN.1 Teletexer is an efficient, small, portable implementation of a TeletexString to Unicode converter in ISO C. It is useful if you need to deal with TeletexString (T61String) types, but never bothered to implement the standard for real.

To view the SHA-256 hashes of certificates in Mozilla projects (such as Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird/Mozilla Messaging, SeaMonkey, Prism, etc.), check out the SHA-256 Certificate Viewer. It adds a "SHA-256 Fingerprint" item to the Mozilla PSM Certificate Viewer, which you can copy and paste.

I am developing Gmail S/MIME for Firefox.


SeanTek® Research is now available in print. Seans latest publications are:

Celebrating Two Decades of Unlawful Progress: Fan Distribution, Proselytization Commons, and the Explosive Growth of Japanese Animation, 12 UCLA Ent. L. Rev. 189 (2005).

Progress Against the Law: Anime and Fandom, with Key to the Globalization of Culture, 8 Int’l J. Cultural Stud. 281 (2005).


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The University of Chicago Japan Law Society

The University of Chicago Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (maintenance only)

MIT Anime Club


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